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Almond Mylk Recipe

by Thalia Bonas

5 steps to your own almond milk!



1. Place your almonds in a bowl (I used 300 grams), and fill it with water until the almonds are covered. Leave the almonds overnight, so that they absorb the water and expand. Check the bowl every few hours and keep adding water so that it is never fully absorbed.

2. Drain the almonds out of the bowl and place them into a blender. Pulse the blender on high speed, gradually adding in water until you get a thick liquid consistency (I used 4 cups).

Optional: If you want a slightly sweeter, or flavoured almond milk, add a teaspoon of vanilla, a teaspoon of maple syrup or both. (Idid some plain, some with vanilla and maple syrup).

3. Place the drain bag inside the funnel, and place the funnel inside the jar that will be used for storing your almond milk. Slowly pour your almond milk mixture into the drain bag, and squeeze all the milk through. Continue to do this until you use all the mixture in your blender.

5. Place your milk in the fridge, in a closed container until you want to use it. It is great for coffee, muesli, granola etc! Enjoy!

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