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Community Trash Pickup

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Our generation of waste is a prominent problem that needs to be addressed. “Population, urbanisation and economic growth, in addition to increasingly unsustainable consumer behaviour, have caused rates of waste generation to rise exponentially in recent decades (Waste Generation and Recycling Indices 2019).” This rise has led to waste generation becoming a major problem for both human health and preservation of the natural environment. As well, the amount of plastic entering oceans is expected to triple in 20 years (Fiona Harvey).

Locally in my neighborhood, I’ve noticed a considerable amount of trash littered on the streets; this amount has exponentially increased during quarantine, especially in regards to masks and plastic gloves. Knowing its negative impacts on the environment, I decided to act on this issue! On my daily walks, I began picking up trash in my neighborhood. People smiled, gave a thumbs up and even verbally thanked me which often led to a meaningful conversation with people on my block. One woman told me how she often picked up trash along Abbey Road.

Before vs. After

It only took five to ten minutes, and made a significant difference to my local community. You can do the same! Next time you go out for a walk, bring a garbage bag with you so you can help our community.

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