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2nd Holiday Media Week Challenge!

Our second challenge for you is to incorporate some greenery inside of your home! Incorporating plants in your home will not only have environmental benefits such as purifying the air, but will also aid your health. For one, plants can help increase your concentration. Studies have shown that incorporating plants in a workspace can improve productivity up to 15 percent! Plants can also relieve stress and anxiety by helping you relax after a long day at school. Believe it or not, plants can actually improve your mood and help with getting to sleep. Plants will lower the risk of having winter lows while also cleaning the air in your house to make sleep quality increase.

Go to your local gardening store and pick up a fun plant! You can buy a variety of different plants, some that even require little water and sunlight, which are perfect for winter! When you buy your plant, make sure to send an image or video of it to,,, or

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